As a final project for English for Tourism Class, the students asked to do a field trip and to create articles about the place they visited. The students of 2016 came out with the TRAVERSE magazine, and then it goes through to the next batch students. The name of “TRAVERSE” came from personal experiences of the students when they went to the field trip.
Traverse, the definition being: “to pass or move over, along, or through”, is the name I find most suitable to use as a title for my magazine as it does not only describe the way people travel from one location to another, but also the idea that much effort is involved in the journey itself. When I think of traversing, I think of overcoming obstacles to reach a final destination. This reminds those of us on our journey in Jogja of the many challenges we face, those of which brings us new experiences that strengthen our character, builds new relationships and creates memories of which we cherish and hold dear to our hearts.