Young Winners of Business Expo 2023

A Little Story from A Group of Young Social Entrepreneurs: The 3rd Winner of Business Expo 2023

On May 24th to May 25th 2023, one of the social entrepreneurship groups from the Atma Jaya’s Tourism Program of Study got invited to attend an event called “Business Expo by AJIB”. Little do they know that this experience will be a quite a remarkable moment for them. A few weeks prior, they received some interesting information about what’s about to went down during these two days. Not only that they’ll be creating a booth for their products, they’ll also be competing in a marketing presentation and booth designing competition. So they’ve prepared everything they would potentially needed for the competition and join the event.

Fast forward to May 24th, the “Batik Dewi Mangroversari” group consists of Karyn Novinka, Katie Loewel, Angel Jessica, Alexander Ryan, Chris Shella and Kelly Annabella start their mission under the guidance of Mr. Bambang Wiryawan. Start by putting together their booth design to life, making sure every single detail have been intricately displayed on the three large panels and a desk. Throughout the first day, there’s a lot of people who came over and attain their curiousness onto the booth. The group are excitedly greeting and explaining about their products and how this batik will be able to benefit the people of Dewi Mangrovesari in a sustainable unique way. This explanation seems to have peeked a lot of interests including the judges from ANGIN, Innovesia, and CariNih. There it went, the first day was a huge success!

The next day, the group manages to get more and more people to their booth, and a lot of people were outspokenly giving their applaud about the business plan, products and how it will benefit the community in Dewi Mangrovesari. The group even manage to sell a few batik that day and get a lot of compliments for it. The time finally comes when the judges are ready to hear our elevator pitch about Batik Dewi Mangrovesari. The group presented it very well and left the judges very impressed with their ability to come up with a business that can help a community sustainably. After taking a few last deep breaths and feeling grateful for that day, the group then packed their attributes and devices from the booth. When suddenly they heard their group name being announced as the 3rd winner of the Marketing Presentation category. The group are filled with joy and quickly run up the stage with huge smiles on their faces. They have received a Rp. 1.000.000,00- prize and certificates for their hardwork throughout the last few weeks. What an incredible journey it has been for the Batik Dewi Mangrovesari group!

Written by: Karyn Novinka L